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  • Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Journalists cross cultural divide for Middle East Media Awards at House of Lords

    Journalists and editors from the Arab World, Israel, and the UK, were given awards for producing consistently balanced reporting on the emotive and polarised conflicts of the Middle East. The ceremony, which took place at the House of Lords on Thursday 9th March, brought together journalists from across the cultural divides of the region who were aware of each others’ work, but who had never been given the opportunity to meet before.

    The prize-winners of the Peace through Media Awards presented for distinguished contribution to the coverage and consideration of developments concerning the Middle East were:

    Mr Jihad al Khazen, Editor at Large, Al Hayat Newspaper, for his significant contributions to informed and enlightened debate in the Arab media throughout a long and distinguished career.

    Mr Danny Levi Rubinstein, Haaretz Newspaper, in recognition of his passionate engagement with Arab issues, and uncompromising editorial contributions.

    Mr Peter David, Foreign Editor, The Economist, in recognition of the consistently original, well-sourced, informative Middle East coverage of the Economist.

    Ms Caroline Hawley, BBC Television, in recognition of her sober, balanced and informative reporting from Iraq, and her sensitivity to local culture and concerns.

    Mr Salah Ali Sindi, Editor In Chief, Istithmar Al Arabia Magazine, in recognition of the consistently progressive and enlightened editorial policy of his increasingly influential publication.

    In addition to the main prizes, awards were given to up-and-coming journalists as investment in the future of quality reporting on the Middle East. The prize-winners of the Cutting Edge Awards presented for distinguished contribution to the coverage and consideration of developments concerning the Middle East were:

    Mr Mohamed Chebaro, Al Arabieh
    Mr Yoav Stern, Columnist on Palestinian Affairs, Haaretz Newspaper
    Mr Martin Asser, BBC News Website Correspondent
    Ms Mona Eltahawy, Freelance journalist, Sharq al Awsat columnist
    Ms Jane Kinninmont, Middle East Editor, Business Monitor International

    The Middle East Media Awards were launched for the first time last year by the International Media Council. The Chairman of the awards committee, William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, explained:

    "By publicly recognising the efforts of these editors and journalists, some of whom have put their careers and even their lives at risk through their commitment to reporting truthfully and responsibly, we hope to help raise the standards of reporting from the region. Although we recognise that the business of publishers is to sell newspapers, we believe that because of the suffering caused by war in this region, and the enormous influence that the media has in it, journalists have an ethical responsibility to reflect the true nature of conflicts, and to avoid reproducing cultural stereotypes and incitements to hatred”.


    Blogger William said...


    This year the International Media Council Awards of the Next Century Foundation were presented at a ceremony on Thursday the 9th of March 2006. The Main Prize is awarded for an outstanding contribution to better understanding both in and towards the Middle East. The Cutting Edge Prize (of £1,000) is awarded to an upcoming journalist in the same field.

    The following categories are open for nominations:

    The Main International Media Council Prize:

    1. Arab nominees to date:
    i. Abdul Sahib Al Shakiry, Editor, Islamic Tourism Magazine (nominated by Karen Dabrowska)
    ii. Abdulwahab Badrakan, Al Hayat (nominated by Ayman Alkafas)
    iii. Ghassan Sharbilla, Al Hayat (nominated by Ayman Alkafas)
    iv. Jihad Al Khazen, Editor at Large, Al Hayat Newspaper (nominated by Jaafer al Ahmer and others)
    v. Osman Mirghani, Deputy Editor in Chief, Sharq al Awsat (nominated by Kohei Akiyama and Dr Ahmed Fakih (comment: “for his journalistic performance
    his professional integrity and warm personality as well as the long service in the court of journalism”)
    vi. Rami Khouri from the Daily Star (nominated by Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “I think Lebanese journalists are facing particularly difficult challenges at the moment, so would be tempted to say someone like..”
    vii. Mr. Salah Ali Sindi the Editor In Chief of ISTITHMAR Al Arabia Magazine (nominated by Aabid Alselami)

    2. Jewish nominees to date:
    i. Danny Rubinstein, Columnist on Palestinian Affairs, Haaretz Newspaper (nominated by Ari Rath, Itzhak Galnoor and others)
    ii. Arnon Regular in Haaretz (nominated by Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “was almost alone in giving great prominence to Hamas’s recent announcement that they would negotiate with Israel”)
    iii. Mr Ben Caspit, columnist at Maariv newspaper (nominated by Gideon Meir)
    iv. Gideon Levi, Ha'aretz (nominated by Mrs June Jacobs, comment: “He is a superb advocate for Human Rights”)

    3. Western nominees to date:
    i. Caroline Hawley, BBC Television (nominated by Richard Beeston, Peter David and Dalia Salaam Rishani, Richard Beeston, Anton LaGuardia)
    ii. Jeremy Bowen, Middle East Editor, The BBC (nominated by Ayman Alkaffas and Ewen MacAskill)
    iii. Peter David, Middle East Editor, The Economist (nominated by Ayman Alkaffas)
    iv. Frank Gardner (nominated by Ann Penketh, Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “for consistently talking sense despite having his life ruined by Islamist extremists”, and Adel Darwish, comment: “The BBC man who ended up in a wheel chair after the terrorists targeted him in Saudi Arabia; yet he courageously is back on the bbc works hard, and held no grudge against Saudis or Muslims. I really urge every one to back his nomination. Not only he is back at the BBC despite bullets shredding his body, he also works to produce non-biased reports and trying to explain Islam to audience.”)
    v. George Alagiah, the BBC (nominated by Hugh Nowell)

    The Cutting Edge Prize: for an outstanding Journalist:

    1. Arab Journalist: Nominations to date:
    i. Ghida Fakhri, Sharq al Awsat / NBC (nominated by Dalia Salaam Rishani)
    ii. Mina Ouraibi, Sharq Al Awsat (nominated by Ayman Alkaffas)
    iii. Mayya Baydoon, Al Jazeera Washington (nominated by Dalia Salaam Rishani)
    iv. Mohamed Shabaro, Al Arabiyeh (nominated by Ayman Alkaffas)
    v. Mona al Tahawy, freelance / Sharq al Awsat columnist (nominated by Adel Darwish)
    vi. Ali Fadhil (nominated by Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “journalist arrested by the Americans after assisting C4/Guardian investigation into corruption in the US military in Iraq”)

    2. Jewish Journalist - Nominations to date:
    i. Jackie Hugie, Ma'ariv Newspaper (nominated by Shuli Davidovitch and others)
    ii. Roee Nahmias, Y-net (on-line edition) (nominated by Shuli Davidovitch and others)
    iii. Yoav Stern, Haaretz Newspaper (nominated by Shuli Davidovitch and others)
    iv. Daphna Baram (nominated by Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “daughter of Israeli commentator Haim Baram, worked as a human rights lawyer for Palestinian Israelis before becoming a lively, entertaining and outspoken commentator on Middle East issues for the Guardian and the New Statesman”)

    3. Western Journalist - Nominations to date:
    i. Caroline Hawley, BBC Television (nominated by Dalia Salaam Rishani and Ann Penketh)
    ii. Jane Kinninmont, Business Monitor International (nominated by William Morris and Ayman Alkaffas, and Abigail Fielding-Smith, comment: “taking on Gaza single-handedly”)
    iii. Martin Asser, BBC Internet News (nominated by Dalia Salaam Rishani)
    iv. Nicholas Blanford, Beirut Correspondent, The Times; The Christian Science Monitor; The Lebanon Daily Star (nominated by Richard Beeston and Abigail Fielding-Smith)
    v. Harvey Morris, FT in Jerusalem (nominated by Anton LaGuardia and Adel Darwish, comment: “His copy is the best, the clearest and most neutral and fairest of all copy coming out of Jerusalem. His style is simple, clear, balanced, and comprehensive. Most important he gives a clear informative historic depth and background, without complicating the issue. He never lets any personal experience clouds his judgment of situation. I really urge every one, to read some news, or /and analysis & comments from Jerusalem. On personal level, he is so helpful and generous sharing his contacts and facilities with colleagues, and even handed in dealing with both sides. But also bridge the divide subtly.”)
    vi. Chris McGreal (nominated by Anton LaGuardia)
    vii. Don McIntyre (nominated by Anton LaGuardia)

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