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  • Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Sarwah Abdulwahid Qader

    Family Name: Qader
    First Name: Sarwah
    Middle Name: Abdul-Wahid
    Date of birth: 27 March 1970
    Place of birth: As- Sulaymaniyah, North of Iraq, and (Kurdistan region)
    Nationality (ies) at birth: Iraqi
    Present Nationality (ies): Iraqi
    Sex: Female

    College of Educations, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 4 years, Sep.1989 to Sep. 1993. BA Degree, in Arabic language and Lectures.

    Training Courses
    • -2000: Certificated for learning and education English Language, Appall Instituted, Sulaymaniya, Iraq.
    • -2001: Training in the all kinds of programming and equipment of Computers. Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.
    -2005: training political and predicating and Public Relations. Baghdad, Iraq

    Work Experience

    1994 – 2001: Lectures and Teachers – (Ash tee) Peace Secondary School – Sulaymaniyah – Iraq.
    1996 – 2003: Published hundred Essays, Analysis in the Aletihad weekly in Arabic, (Union Newspaper); the voice of Patriotic union of Kurdistan (PUK). I was writer in woman paper and
    2000 – 2003: Reporter and Presenter (in Sulaymaniyah), Iraqi Kurdistan, for the Al- Mutamar, official INC daily Newspaper, based in London.
    2000 – 2000: February and March, Journalist as Broadcaster and reporters in Qatar Radio from north of Iraq through the war in Iraq.
    2003 – Until now: Reporter and Presenters duly Reporter for Voice of America (VOA), Kurdish Sections.
    2003 – 2004: Consultant and offices Manager for (SAWATEL T. V. Production), the employer who operate TV production to Kuwait and Qatar TV stations.
    2004 – Until now: Reporters and representing of the Al-Hurra-Iraq and Al-Hurra World TV Station beside in Washington, USA, in Iraqi Kurdistan.(Reporting daily TV to station).

    My Duties:
    1. Establish contacts and maintain a network of interlocutors including high-ranking government officials, politicians' parties' members, spiritual and religious figures, heads of tribes, includes the basis of media writing and editing; news writing; report writing; interviews and essays writing.
    2. Presentation in my program’s the principles and the features of public opinion, and its role in the Iraqi society.
    3. Report and analyses information contained in communications and publications received from different sources including the press on current and everyday events related to the political process.
    4. Critical view to mass media and the role and impact of media in the society.
    5. Create databases project and programs to support peace and reconciliation, brotherhood, and building democratic principles in the Iraqi society.
    Defense and Development of Freedom of Journalism Organization
    With some journalists in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region we established last year the Defense and Development of Freedom of Journalism Organization in Iraq. I have been selected the leader of the Organization which objectives are to support peace and reconciliation, brotherhood, and building democratic principles in the Iraqi society.

    Telephone Nº: Baghdad: -00964-07904792033.
    Sulaymaniyah: -00964-7701445976.
    Arbil: -003248-4458167. -00964-66-2501845.
    Email: Srwa70.shany@yahoo.com



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