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  • Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Wijdan Mahdi Ali Alsalih (Wijdan Mahdi Almulla Ali)

    · Address: Iraq, Baghdad, Aladamya, Hay Almageb quarter 302 line 32 house 57
    · Telephone: 07802 018 107
    · E-mail: wejdanmahdi@yahoo.com
    · D.O.B : july/ 28th /1970 – Basrah
    · Sex: female
    · Marital statue: single
    · Nationality: Iraqi

    · Rusafa administration institute ( Business administration department)

    Work and training experiences:
    · Journalist in Kurd home of culture
    · Employee in judicial institute in 1996
    · Employee in ministry of justice ( consolation of state council)
    · Journalist of friendship( Kurd and Arab magazine)
    · Journalist I Human right magazine
    · Have an activities in scope of policy and independent Democracy power


    1- computer skills:

    · business application ( Microsoft office , ward and excel
    · internet application
    · Journalistic skills , Ability to track and search for specific news

    2-personal skills:

    · Ability to lead and coordinate the conferences
    · Ability to management the Employees affairs
    · Have a communication skills and ability to deal with different of cultural workshops

    Membership and affiliations:
    · Arab and Kurd friendship association (secretary member)
    · Human rights organization
    · Human rights association


    · Arabic native language
    · Kurdish average
    English average

    The participation in the conference and workshops:

    · Conference of democracy development ( Babylon Hotel)
    · The first national conference for the foundations of civil society about the mechanism of electing the temporary national council) 2004
    · The first national conference which held under the motto of (democracy , development, aim of civil society) 2004
    · The second national conference for the foundations of civil society motto of ( hand in hand with foundations of civil society to built the new Iraq) 2005
    · conference for the foundations of civil society ( supreme committee of placating and national conversation – conferences palace – 2006
    · conference of Iraqi representatives council under the motto of (attitude of government by supporting of civil society and mechanism of acting it
    · conference of integrity of treatment the administration corruption and financial which held in ( Almansoor Milia Hotel)
    · conference of the federalism is a share of power and unity of the soil)
    · conference of independent electoral commission of Iraqparticipant in several scope and workshops about (woman, child and society rights)



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