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  • Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Media Awards

    The International Media Council Awards of the Next Century Foundation will be presented at a ceremony in March 2007. The Main Prize is awarded for an outstanding contribution to better understanding both in and towards the Middle East. The Young Journalist Prize is awarded young or upcoming journalists in the same field. We are accepting nominations in the following categories:

    The International Media Council Prize:

    1. Arab Journalist
    2. Jewish Journalist
    3. Western Journalist

    The Cutting Edge Prize for an outstanding Newcomer to Journalism:

    1. Arab Journalist
    2. Jewish Journalist
    3. Western Journalist

    Please add your comments as well as nominations below. Alternatively, email ncfpeace@aol.com

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    St Brides Forum

    International Media Council Conference

    The International Media Council has convened a conference on Xenophobia in the Media under the auspices of:

    Next Century Foundation / The St Brides Forum /
    The International Communications Forum


    Hosted by: The St. Brides Forum

    Note to participants: The conference will be followed an informal light lunch followed in turn by a short inter-faith service. Participation in either of which is entirely optional but open to all present at the conference.

    Thursday 21st September 2006

    Venue: St Brides Church - Fleet Street, London EC1 (70 participants)

    10.00 a.m: Registration and coffee

    10.30-11.30: SESSION ONE – OFF THE RECORD

    Mr William Morris, Chairman, The International Media Council and Secretary General, The Next Century Foundation
    · Keynote speaker:
    On "Xenophobia: the present situation". (t.b.c.)
    · Panel:
    Rev Larry Wright, Director of Religious Affairs, Yarl'swood Immigration Removal Centre
    Russell Twisk, Editor at Large of the Readers Digest, former Editor, The Listener

    11.30-11.40: Tea/Coffee break

    11.40-12.30: SESSION TWO – OFF THE RECORD

    Rev George Pitcher, Chairman, St Brides Forum and Curate, St Brides Church, Fleet Street
    · Keynote speaker:
    On "The impact of disinformation on journalists".
    · Panel:
    To be confirmed

    12.30-13.00: Break for light refreshment

    13.15-13.50: INTERFAITH SERVICE